Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kain, Bianca's!

Bianca's Cafe and Vinotek is one of the gems that is surreptitiously hidden in the enclave that is Yakal St. in Makati. One of those quiet and charming little places with unassuming facades but takes you to a whole other world because their food is that good. Seriously.

Bianca's - St. Galler Bratwurst

For appetizers, we shared a St. Galler veal Bratwurst served with french fries and onion sauce. Now this is how a bratwurst should taste like, one bite of it and I'm whipped off to Köln circa 2003 where I chomp my teeth onto one of the finest bratwursts I've ever had. And this was right off a street vendor, friends. Bianca's made me relieve that glorious moment. Bratwurst with that superb onion sauce was so good, so tasty, so delicious you wanted the taste to stay forever in your mouth. Ok, maybe not forever but for a long time indeed. I believe I repeatedly said "Sh*t ang sarap nito" or "Ungh, this is so good" with every bite I took.

Bianca's - Ruccola Salad Carissa
Ruccola Salad Carissa

Bianca's - Classic Ceasar
Old Fashioned Caesar Salad

Bianca's - Cream of Tomato Soup
Cream of Tomato Soup

Bianca's - Barley Soup
Cream of Barley Soup

I really didn't know what to expect when we ordered the Barley Soup over the Roman-style Rice Balls Suppli ala Romana. When I think about Barley, images of fairy tales or fermenting beer come to mind, so we were pleasantly surprised when our soup turned out to be quite a delectable brew. The tender barley grains rest on the bottom of the bowl while they happily absorb the creamy and savory liquid that they're bathed in.

Bianca's - Slow Roasted Hanging Beef

Bianca's has Menu du Jours with a darling price. Shell out Php 520 and you've got yourself an appetizer and an entree, and they're all delicious. Well worth your money. Generous servings too as Carlo and I shared one set and couldn't even finish the entire thing. So with the soup as an appetizer, our chosen entree was the succulent Slow Roasted Hanging Beef served with a Garlic and Olive Oil Pasta and some green beans. The beef, ah, the beef... divine. Juicy, tender and rare in the middle, this is enough to keep my mouth watering for days.

Bianca's - Vercascana

Bianca's - Blue Marlin Steak
Blue Marlin Steak, Sauteed Young Vegetables and Buttered Rice

Bianca's - Mango Crepe
Mango Crepe

Do make sure to ask about the desserts as these aren't written down on the menu.

Bianca's - Chocolat Mousse

This is how meals ought to end, with a killer dessert that is surely to die for. All hail to Bianca's Chocolate Mousse! All hail! Seriously, I don't think I've ever had this good a chocolate mousse, one that melts, no, disintegrates in your tongue into to tiny morsels of luxurious, chocolate goodness. Life is indeed good.

Bianca's Cafe and Vinotek
7431-B Yakal Street
San Antonio Village
Makati City
+632 815 1359


anitokid said...

your review tempts me (and may i say, very much) to try out this place. i've passed through yakal st. hundreds of times in my 14 year stay in makati but failed to take notice of this food treasure of a place...tsk tsk tsk. yeah, my loss...but not for long...

annie lastrilla said...

It's little treasures and finds like these that make city-living worthwhile. =)

mjavellana said... really makes you drool when you see the pics...thanks for the tip guys! I will definitely try this place out :-)