Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kain, Guava!


"Mmmmm... Interesting..."

Our meal starts off with their Prichon (a house specialty). The cholesterol-loaded deep fried suckling pig served with three small wraps and six various dips / sauces -- sour cream and chives, black bean sauce, peanut sauce, chili garlic and garlic sour cream. Nothing really spectacular there, and I thought I was being cheated because there were only 3 miniscule wraps to satisfy two adult people, but on the second thought, this is just for starters.

The Pandan Wrapped Ubod in Watercress Salad is delectable and indeed interesting. The pandan-hinted wrap played extremely well with the fresh yummy ubod and the complimenting sweet glaze of a Wansuey sauce plus watercress leaves was a delight to my tastebuds. Something different, something new. Delicious. This pleasant veggie dish was great accompaniment to the Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Thighs in GUAVA (!!!) glaze.

I would've gladly given up the baby back ribs portion for some more of the chicken thighs as meat wasn't all that well. I like my ribs tender... as in almost-falling-off-the-bone tender. This cut wasn't at all near that for we actually had to saw the meat off from the bones with a knife. In contrast, the chicken was cooked very well -- deliciously juicy and very tasty. And of course, the Guava glaze was the perfect touch to the saltiness of both the meats. Yum!

Aaaand to wrap things up --- The Cassava Cake with Gruyere Cheese on which we both had set eyes on even before ordering the main course. But gee, cassava cake indeed with what, 4 tiny strips of the gruyere? There was hardly enough to call "hints" of the cheese. Nevertheless, the cassava cake was MASARAP --- soft and nice which almost melted in the mouth.

the resto still needs a bit of improvement. The service staff is nice and accommodating but it takes forever for a customer to get noticed. Price-wise, good I guess but still quite steep for some of their dishes considering the serving size. Snaps though for the ingenious use of the fruit in different dishes -- from beverages
to appetizers to main course.

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