Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Down with Dumaguete in Alluring Antulang

Hu-waw Philippines!!!

Fresh from the mysticism of Siquijor, we hied ourselves off to Dumaguete and trekked southwards to the paradise resort that is Antulang.

Nestled on a cliff with the beach just a couple of steps down, Antulang is a glorious ten hectare space that spells rest and recreation. This spectacular expanse puts every inch into good use. Wild and brilliant boungavillas in full bloom bedecks the entire place and makes Antulang come alive.

The views from different points of the resort are all extremely splendid and majestic. The sunset view from the cliff is a sight to behold as every shade from hues of rose to cobalt blue to champagne gold of the color wheel comes to play and gives off a spectacular sight.

purple rocks

Travelers are in for a real treat if they're lucky to chance upon the time of the year in Antulang when in the same horizon, the sun sets as the moon rises.

The famed marine sanctuary Apo Island sparkles from a distance and its' haziness only gives off hints of the splendor that the island possesses.


Antulang is one of those swimming pool-rich resorts but have done away with of those gaudily designed ones. Their saltwater infinity pool is in itself a spanking sight as it gives off a view where the pool seems to flow continuously to the shining sea beyond it. Just next to this swanky pool is the super deep Dive Pool where the gracious and fun Jonathan the Diving Instructor teaches his willing, water-loving students.

infinity pool
Our Antulang visit was over 3 years ago and pity that whilst the duration of our stay there, the bigger pool was still under construction. But from the looks of it, the pool was constructed to go around a huge part of the resort a la moat type. So many pools! There are even villas you can stay at with your own private dazzling swimming pool! Oh and their rooms are just lovely with really sweet views of sea, should you choose that option. Private cabanas offer guests the isolation and seclusion they need with their own marvelous backdrop of the stunning sea, plus a private jacuzzi or a pool to boot.

hot tub


While Antulang's very own house reef is bustling with an amazing display of rich marine life where divers can spot and name a variety of sea creatures from A to Z, the waters by the shore are really no place for little kids to wade and play around in as the waves can get pretty big and the current strong. So just be sure to keep a keen and careful eye on them.

*photo by Carlo Dionisio

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