Friday, February 9, 2007

Kain, Panglao!


Traveling is one half (or more, in my case) a gustatory endeavor and Panglao definitely hits the yummy spot. Being a tropical seaside resort town, one word comes to mind -- FRESH. Fresh fish best eaten grilled with splashes of calamansi, freshsquid for the most succulent calamari, fresh crustaceans of all shapes, colors and sizes, from tasty little shrimps to the fattest, meatiest crabs, to bright and juicy prawns and to the bluest and yummiest lobsters. Clams and mussels also abound, Oysters so fresh just a splash of our local lemon and vinegar with a dash of salt plus one big slurp – ay yay yay! -- enough to send you to a delicious mind-numbing experience. The fresh taste of the seabed that goes down with the oyster lingers in one’s palate and leaves one wanting more.

sugbahan Panglao*

For non-seafood fans (shame on you!) beef and pork are easily available. Kabobs of all sorts are grilled almost everywhere so savory scents envelope the alona beach strip especially come dinner time. No worries too, as the meats are sourced from neighboring communities so one is assured of the freshness. Grilled to perfection, the meats are tender and juicy to the bite.


Chug it all down with the liquid love of a nice ice-cold San Miguel Pilsen (also perfect for nice little sips all throughout the day for that pleasant buzz), or with fresh coconut juice from coconuts picked right in front of you, or choose from a bevy of fresh and thick yummy fruit shakes, from the freshest fruits, no less, yummy enough to slurp it all off from the table if you’re unfortunate enough to accidentally knock your tumbler down.


Food from the resorts’ restaurants isn’t really something to boast about as they’re nothing apart from the ordinary, and I daresay that it’s not worth your peso. Unless of course if the resort really has a famed resto of which you must naturally try. So we encourage you, traveler, to get up and walk around the Alona beach strip as it offers a multitude of choices of gastronomic colors, scents and sizes. International culinary delights also welcome the willing palate. Foreign blood has found home and haven here, and Panglao locals and trekkers are fortunate enough to have some of their good ol' home cooking with the food joints that these local-ed foreigners have so lovingly opened. One memorable joint that deserves a two-thumbs up is an Italian place right down the beach strip nearing the border of Bohol Beach Club, the name escapes me but you can’t miss it, especially with the savory scent drawing you closer and closer. Pizza-riffic perfection with its delicious crunchy and tasty thin crust, the perfect marinara sauce and a handful of abundant fresh toppings all baked in a stone grill right under their hut. Beach-side Pizza was never this good.

Food tripping in Panglao is definitely one for the books. Just walk down that strip, choose your spot, and scarf all the yumminess down.

*photo by Carlo Dionisio

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