Thursday, February 8, 2007


Hu-waw Philippines!

Alona beach*

Located in Panglao island, Bohol, Alona beach is its main strip of white sand. Alona Kew provides one of the budget friendly places to stay.



The loboc river cruise is a complete feast for the senses. As the stream tugs you down the river, let's hope you're not color blind since different shades of green paint the facade. From the river to the coconut trees to the passing boat man's banana-leaf hat, there is no need for that so-called 'certain shade of green'. The tropical weather takes part in setting the mood. After mother nature sprinkles the river with scattered five-minute rain showers, sunshine comes into play as it seeps through the coconut tree canopy and the scent of wet-earth tingles the nose. The water twinkles like stars. Birds whisper songs, voiding the need for mp3 players. Although there is beer served on the boat, let yourself feel the natural enchantment reek from your pores thus completing the fiesta on all five senses.




Although it may be part of the tourist itinerary, it is possible to hire your own boat for around 4,000-6,000Php and it even comes with a lunch buffet meal. In addition, in exchange for additional cash, there are other platform-boats that include a group of serenaders. Always remember that the bigger the group, the cheaper the rates fly.


Rockstar Wanda
rockstar Wanda


The postcard shot of the chocolate hills is just the tip of the iceberg

On the road leading to the tourist-shot spot, already, a smorgasboard of chocolate sizes and shapes. All the way to the horizon, until where your eyes can see. So why waste time and try to get your I'm-so-vain-solo-picture in the same viewing deck as everyone else, when you can just head down the road and see the other less popular hill spots. Just ring that bell, head down the steps and spread out; there is plenty for everyone.



The tour around Bohol can be done in one single day. It's now up to you how long you want to stare at the acid-laced sunsets along the beach strips of Panglao island.

*photo by Michael Sieberath - Von bremen
**photo by Annie Lastrilla
*** triptayo Bohol was done in Jan. 2005

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