Wednesday, February 21, 2007

World Light Expo! Part 3


Look up! Towers and lanterns.

World Light Expo 2007 promises to wow your eyes with a fantastic spectacle of multi-colored lights showcased through structures of all shapes and sizes. Find yourself in a vicarious trip around the world,

as you enter through Tiananmen Square
tian'an men square

nine heaven tower
and pass through temples and Chinese towers.

japanese banquet hall

You can choose your favorite lantern,

pick one

circle around,

crimson bubblers

and then make a wish.


dancing dames
Go to a neighboring South East Asian country,


beauty of the fan
and then check out Japan.

changing into crocodile

*details and information on the expo can be found here

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Dexter said...

Woooowww!!! Awesome! very bright and colorful! This is such a great blog!!! It makes me feel as if I were there! Great job! Trip tayo!!!