Friday, February 16, 2007

Kain, Siquijor!


I'm all raves about the food in Siquijor's Coral Cay Resort. Now this is one in-house resto you can definitely trust. From breakfast to after-dinner munchies, their wide and varied menu selection will make you want to eat nonstop.


The first meal of the day always tops my priority list and Coral Cay's breakfast items are a delight to the morning person. From different Filipino breakfasts to usual Continental dishes, the servings are always plentiful and mouthwatering. Ooooh, and the banana pancakes. Love love love their version of banane-pfannkuchen. You can't be beat with a place that serves yummy banana pancakes, I always say! Thick and fluffy with obscene amounts bananas and a generous sprinkle of sugar (I'll make do without the maple syrup for this one, thank you very much).

Lunch and dinner items are something to look forward as their menu is creatively jotted down on a blackboard which changes daily in accordance to whatever the FRESH catch of the day is. Parrot fish anyone? A huge fat lapu-lapu to satiate your hunger? All these meals come in big generous servings plus heaps of any side dishes to suit your fancy.

For a steady late afternoon delight, head on over to their bar and order yourself a fruity cocktail drink to keep you sane as the sun sets and gives you a wild and crazy display of colors.



Coral Cay keeps a well stocked bar, I must say, as this resort is run by an American (David, a Vietnam veteran!) who knows his alcohol mixes all too well and has handed down this delightful deftness to his lady bartender.


Another admirable trait that David has passed on to his staff is the American cheerful way of service which goes oh so well with the engaging Filipina charm. The food might might take a darn long time (the only drawback) to get to your table, but the female-composed staff is just so nice that you wouldn't mind the wait as they happily share their Siquijorian tales and myths.

* photo by Michael Sieberath - Von Bremen

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