Wednesday, February 21, 2007

World Light Expo! Part 1


Pack your shades, bring your map, pocket a flashlight, we're in the Philippines and it's time to hunt for the world's light expo!


Grandiose walkways


Make sure you have your camera on bulb setting.

light delight

Even the food court is fully lit up!

magical medley

jelly lights

The second set of neon arches.



water screen plaza

The fountain acts as a mist screen for a theatrical water show.

candy cornucopia

Global trekking, anyone? Lets hop on over to......

french connection
Paris's Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame

london bridge?
No need to take the ferry to the UK as the London Bridge is just a couple of steps away

hard rock memorabilia
Hard Rock Cafe can't be more than hours away.

a cd christmas
New York for Christmas at Rockefeller Center


The World Light Expo is hard to miss. Just head down (or up depends where you are coming from) Diosdado Macapagal Avenue and you're bound to be greeted with a magical display of lights around the corner. Its towards the intersection of Roxas Blvd. and Airport Rd. around the corner right across Uniwide Coastal Mall. Cough up Php300 (200 for kids) and be ready to enter a world of bioluminescent jelly beans.

Note: In the admission guide flyer it states: "-- adult - over 4 feet Php 300" (we are in Asia, there are adults below 4-feet, just take a look at the President.)

Expect more attractions when the park formally opens (we got first dibs, haha) on the 23rd of February. The too-cold-for-our-own-good negative-18 degrees Centigrade Ice World (!!!) holds ambient-lit ice sculptures big and small. Another thing to hold your breath for is the showcasing of one of the World's mysteries --- the Chinese Terracotta Army --- specially kept and protected in a huge tent. But, prepare to pay an additional fee to get in.

Careful as your jaw drops as the Chinese-certified Circus performs wild stunts on the center stage. Catch them Korean B-Boys over at the Dance Plaza as they give you a dose break dancing and eastern style serving. Any light expo in the world wouldn't be complete without a fireworks display so be sure to catch this part of the program. One corner of the park holds a huge and wide fountain where there is an hourly water show. So head on over to that side and be amazed as the mist screen comes alive with dancing fountains and lights.