Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hu-waw Philippines!

No! That queasy feeling is not because of the one-hour ferry boat ride to the island. And let's just say you are not drunk either. It's simply that one of a kind feeling - of goosebumps, butterflies in the stomach and that tingling sensation you get when you are trying to hold your crap and then a cold draft passes by, - all rolled into one.

Yes now, thhhat feeling.

It's YOURS to explore

Upon arrival on Siquijor, one notices that the place is not a usual tourist destination. Although there might be no transportation junction in this country void from Madam Gloria's Wow Philippines campaign banners, blinding commercial advertisements seen in famous destinations cease to exist. Instead, rust and chipped paint color the the pier and the sound of distant silence lurks. Siquijor gives me that one of a kind feeling where, time stops, spirits roam and Animism becomes a forced religion as earth's manna will come knocking down your door.


acid skies

Nothing. Nil. Zip. Shall I say more?


Thanks to the logic behind economics, prices at Coral Cay Resort are very much reasonable. For 800Php you get a fan room, queen-sized bed (the real size definition and not those malnourished bed size claims often said by provincial over-night 2star hotels), dark wooden interiors, pure and clean whites from tiles to beddings. Instead of dragging your lazy ass 50m further, you can opt to take a dip at the resort's pool or if you feel like taking an exercise, why not borrow their kayak free of charge!. Then paddle to Coral Cay's floating dock where you get to have the best view of the island on one side and the ocean horizon alongside with Apo Is. on the other.

*There are barely any resorts along the strip.

Apo island on the distance


The mighty Green Flash from Coral Cay Resort will be waiting for you at the pier ready for transfers.




Besides the friendliest staff, there are additional shiny-happy-people residents from the resort.

Bingo and his friend
Bingo and Mr. Crabs


Cantabon cave



Silence and tranquility may be a killer for some. R&R is very much available in Siquijor as recreation can be done via spelunking in Cantabon cave and taking a dip at the pastel blue waters of Cambugahay falls.

*Cambugahay Falls

I have been to almost every region in the country. From North all the way down South. Siquijor is by far the best island I have been to and comes second to none.

It's the type of place where time standing still meant that when the sun hit half-way down the horizon, dinner was to be served in an hour's time. The sun is about to rise when engine warm-up of tricycles and jeepneys start to buzz. Its quarter to seven when you see the young lady walking down the dust road with her basket of fresh vegetables bought from the market and 3pm strikes when the old man wakes from his afternoon siesta and sits by his rocking chair sipping his coffee. The island had its own biological clock and calendar. Monday meant seeing hugs and well-wishes at the pier as individuals head off to the city as they start the work week once more. Escalating Witching Festivities of enchantment signaled Black Saturday. Siquijor is a living being. It's alive.

*photo by Michael Sieberath - Von bremen
** triptayo Siquijor was done in Jan. 2005

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