Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Soundtrip, Pilipinas


Last Friday brought us to the cozy, acoustically sound interiors of Sensation Bar, a non-descript joint tucked away in the recesses of underrated and overlooked (a treasure cove of odds and ends) Pasay road.

Kadangyan - video powered by Metacafe

Musicians and makatas (poets) convened in this tavern to amuse wide-eyed spectators with their craft. The difference with any other gig? Filipino pride, man. This was a night of lively celebration of ethnic indigenous music cast together with young, bright and zealous makatas all raring for their words and rhythms to reach the brainwashed westernized minds of our countrymen. No no, none of that activist overly patriotic and radical mood. This was a place for open hearts and open minds.


the group is composed of artists from various provinces

native spice

Music flowed freely and beautifully and brought us back to our roots, an appreciation for our heritage and who we are as a Filipino people.


The instruments that were showcased were as much conversation pieces as the rhythms they produced. Taking these tribal instruments from around the globe side by side with the ingeniousness of Pinoy musical creations makes for a melange of worldly beats that makes you want to rise out of your body. Among instruments the bands used, the myriad included a hand-painted Kubing, pseudo-hegalong, Djembes, goblet drums and the devil's water chimes.


devil's water chimes


Good Leaf



With Good Leaf, there was no need for much vocals. Just feel the music. But then again, their version of Shaider's 'Shigishigi' song is a trip! (Complete with Shaider's laser gun sound!)


One free-flowed, the other used humor while another was accompanied with ethnic instruments. Yet all had their own subtle way of expressing the rage and reading between the lines, idealism was burning on each poet’s piece.

Unitiima along with their hodgepodge of beats bring Pinoy pride!

Be sure to catch events like this. There is always a hidden treasure in the most unexpected places and events. Ditch mainstream and find that hole-in-the-wall.

Tara na!

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shamanism said...

nice posting! Pilipinas event = Success!

triptayo said...

thanks man!

success indeed! we hope to stumble upon more experiences like these. Wow Pilipinas!